Aims to promote and coordinate cooperation between businesses, public institutions, scientific and educational institutions; projects promoting applied research and development and innovation; to develop and carry out projects linking businesses, public institutions, scientific and educational institutions in their field of activity (fields); to create a favourable environment on the basis of the knowledge economy, to establish information technology, smart cities, smart energy, climate change, circular economy, scientific medicine, training, aviation, railway, water and other modes of transport, logistics, small and medium-sized (SMEs) enterprises in their field of activity; provide information, training and advisory services; encourage and coordinate the transfer of new technologies from scientific institutions to businesses and industries; commercialise the performance of the science and training institution; cooperate with similar organizations in Lithuania and abroad; to organize conferences, seminars, trainings in Lithuania and abroad; to integrate Lithuania’s scientific-research potential with research and technological development organizations of the European Union and other countries; to organise the attraction of investments necessary for scientific and technological development; the preparation and implementation of programmes and actions to raise funds for the achievement of the institution’s objectives; develop and submit projects in search of sources of funding for the institution’s activities.


The goal of the Digital Innovation Consulting is to help society, science institutions, and business take creative ideas to creative action. To meet the challenges of the XXI century, to develop creative and innovative citizens.


The focus of the Consulting is to become known world-wide as a creative institution by supporting society, science, government institutions and business in producing creative solutions to societal challenges and opportunities.